Mascot of Ripples 2023

Ripples 2023

CPDM family welcomes you to the annual Design Show ‘Ripples’ in the IISc campus. We aim to showcase the best projects by our students and alumni.

The theme for this year is -
‘Synthesis, Design, Manufacturing and Smartness’.

We hope to indulge you in an awesome experience where you explore and get inspired.

Theme 2023

Synthesis Symbol

Synthesis is about becoming, from 2D to 3D, from multiple thoughts to single, and from what it was to what it will be...

Design Symbol

Design can’t be defined in few lines but its something we have a conscience about. Its an endless loop of iterations...

Manufacturing Symbol

Manufacturing is the one way process to metamorphize synthesis and design into reality. It’s the reality that we finally perceive...

Smart Symbol

Smartness is the fact that completes a design process and brings about intelligence and automation for convenience.

Our Sponsors

CPDM Painting

Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing

CPDM was established in 1997 to pursue excellence in research and industry interaction in the area of design.

Over the last 25 years, CPDM has been pioneering design research in India to make India self-reliant in terms of design knowledge. It aims to impart education in the design and development of products that are innovative, technologically-intensive and have a social-impact.

The core competence of CPDM lies in the successful amalgamation of research and practice in design and manufacturing. Our students have created significant impact in many areas of design and continue to do so.

Glimpses of previous Ripples

CPDM logo above Hand impressions
Alien creatures with led
Comicon charachter
Children Painting
Ripples memento
CPDM building front
Children painting on bricks
Crowd in exhibition